LAHORE – The PML Likeminded is in a state of confusion for not getting ‘prompt’ reply from the PML-N to their seat share after sending the lists of their probable candidates to Raiwind three days ago, TheNation has learnt.

The group, which held a meeting under its chairman Hamid Nasir Chattha to deliberate over party ticket issue, had finalized its candidates for Punjab and other provinces sent the names to the PML-N leadership with which they had an agreement for a seat formula. Salim Saifullah Khan, chairman steering committee of the group confirmed the development and said: “We have sent the probable lists of our candidates to the PML-N and waiting for their reply.”

According to the sources in the Likeminded and the PML-N, the former was asked by the latter to get two seats of NA from Punjab of which one would goes to Hamid Nasir Chattha and the other to Humayun Akhtar Khan and beyond that Likeminded has no potential candidate to get the support of the popular political force of Punjab.  They added that Humayun has to contest polls from PML-N platform if he insisted to get ticket from Lahore keeping in view difficulties to secure seat from Sumundri (Faisalabad).

In Khyber Pukhtunkhawa, Salim Saifullah Khan alone would get support of the PML-N, while major adjustments between the two parties were expected in Sindh. Balochistan would also get two to three seats.  The Likeminded sources informed that the party was of the considered opinion at this day that they would not get more than 10 to 12 seats of the Parliament from PML-N keeping in view non-availability of electable at their disposal.

Meanwhile, in a striking development in the house of the Likeminded Hamid Nasir Chattha has also activated PML-Junejo, which got the electoral symbol of Bus from the Election Commission.

The Likminded sources informed this reporter that the development occurred when the party leadership came to know that Humayun Akhtar Khan had registered the Likeminded with the Election Commission under the name of his office employee, Mulazim Hussain as the chairman of the party.

 In protest, the Likminded Khyber Pukhtunkhawa general secretary, Malik Riaz has resigned from the party.

A group of Likeminded leaders close to Hamid Nasir Chattha also held a meeting under Chatta’s command to ponder upon their electoral future close to the last date for filing nomination papers.

Some of the Likminded leaders advised Chattha to open channels with the PTI and make some quick decisions from the platform of PML-Junejo.