ISLAMABAD/RAWALPINDI – As the process of filing nomination papers for the upcoming general elections continues, former president Pervez Musharraf was among a few candidates who have obtained nomination forms to contest poll for NA-48 Islamabad.

While in Rawalpindi, a number of candidates belonging to different political parties also obtained nomination papers to contest elections for two most important seats of National Assembly (NA-55 and NA-56) and 4 seats of Punjab Assembly (PP-11, 12, 13 and 14).

“On a whole 24 candidates have obtained nomination forms for NA-48 including former president Pervez Musharraf. While 14 candidates obtained nomination forms including Dr. Shehzad Waseem of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf for NA-49 Islamabad,” sources from District Returning Officer told TheNation on Tuesday.

Collectively, 112 candidates have obtained nomination forms for NA-48 and NA-49.

The process of filing nomination papers for general elections that kicked off on March 24 is continuing throughout the country.

The sources close to Pervez Musharraf’s party APML, the retired general who is expected to land in Islamabad tomorrow will personally submit his nomination papers soon.

It is pertinent to mention here that according to section 12(3) of the Representation of Public Act, every nomination paper shall be delivered to the Returning Officer by the candidate in person.

However, the candidates may attend the process of scrutiny of nomination papers in their own interest but in case they prefer to remain absent, their nomination papers cannot be rejected due to their failure to appear before the Returning Officer concerned on the date of scrutiny.

Also, according to rules and regulations of Election commission of Pakistan, candidates can file the certificate from their respective political parties showing their party affiliations either at the time of filing nomination papers or at the time of scrutiny or at the time of allocation of symbols on the date of withdrawal, April 14,2013, in terms of section 20A of the Act.

Officials of Election Commission of Pakistan told TheNation that filing of nomination papers will continue till 29th of this month. 

Scrutiny of nomination papers would be held from 30th of this month to 5th of April. While last date for filing of appeals against decisions of the Returning Officers regarding acceptance or rejection of the nomination papers would be the 9th April.

Tribunals would decide appeals by 16th of next month.

Last date for withdrawal of candidature will be 17th and revised list of candidates would be published on 18th of April. Moreover, elections will be held on 11th of May this year.

In Rawalpindi, Muhammad Hanif Abbasi, the former MPA of N-League, Dr Jamal Nasir, Awami Muslim League (AML) President and former Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed, former District Nazim and PTI’s office bearer Tariq Mehboob Kiyani, Jammat-e-Islami (JI) Raza Ahmed Shah, Sheikh Danish Iftikhar, who had lost election of NA-55 in 2008, and Fiaz-ul-Hassan Chohan were the prominent among the candidates who obtained their nomination papers for NA-55 and NA-56.

According to Election Commission officials, Sheikh Danish Iftikhar, Ameen Muhammad Rizvi Saeed-ul-Hassan Rizvci, Ch Nazakat Ali, Nasar-ul-Haq Malik, Naveed Kanwal and Asad Bhatti have received their nomination papers for NA-55. Malik Khalid Nawaz Bobby, a PPP Jiyala and PSF Punjab President, Malik Asif Akbar, Mehboob, Ch Nazakat, Sheikh Abid Waheed, Asad Mehmood Mughal and Ch Imran Ahmed obtained nomination forms to contest for PP-11 seat, falling in NA-55 constituency.

Muhammad Hanif Abbasi, former MNA of PML-N, Raja Hanif Advocate, AML President Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed, former District Nazim Tariq Mehboob Kiyani, JI’s Raza Ahmed Shah, Dr Jamal Nasir, Raja Muhammad Hanif advocate, N League stalwart and Ishtiaq Ahmed Mirza, who lost 2008 general elections on PPP ticket, have collected their nomination papers to lock horns in NA-56.

The other candidates for the NA-56 seat will be Syed Awais Ali Kabir Wasti, the son of veteran politician Syed Kabir Ali Wasti, Fiaz ul Hassan Chohan, Adnan Tabbasum, Mubashir Zahoor Abbasi Muhammad Kamran, Zahid Aziz Alvi, Ch Muhammad Adnan, Sardar Muhammad Khurshid, Sheikh Khizar Hayyat, Ch Asad Pervaiz, Mian Imran Hayyat, Muhammad Ijaz, Muhamamd Tahir Khan, Ch Inam Zafar, Sajjad Ahmed Abbasi, Raja Waheed Mehfooz, Nasir Mehmood and Zubair Kiyani.

Similarly, a large number of candidates also obtained their nomination papers for the Punjab Assembly seats PP-11, PP-12, PP-13 and PP-14.