LAHORE – A top state security service advisory may restrict All-Pakistan Muslim League chief Pervez Musharraf from visiting Punjab and the federal territory, The Nation learnt on Tuesday.

Close aides of the former president and retired army general said a top state security service could restrict Musharraf’s movement to Karachi for some time, keeping in view the growing threats to his life.

Asked about the agency taking care of security for Musharraf, the aides said the security service had established a special cell under the command of a senior officer to look after security of the APML chief. He had been advised not to violate the security protocol at all the day he touched down in Karachi, they added.

Associates of Musharraf revealed that their party chief was not even at the liberty to discuss tentative dates of his movements with his party members within the provincial capital of Sindh. Central spokesperson for the APML, Aasia Ishaq, was not available for comments. Each time her son attended the phone call.

When contacted, Ahmed Raza Kasuri, a senior APML leader, could not give any information about Musharraf’s tour to the other three provinces, especially the Punjab; rather, he claimed the party chief would visit other parts of the country soon.

About party’s preparedness for the general elections, Kasuri said Musharraf had directed the party members to file the nomination papers as a few days were left for it. But it appears that the APML does not have any heavyweights, since Kasuri could not come up with names of at least six electables, at the disposal of the party. He said the party had put in place provincial and central parliamentary boards that would decide the fate of the candidates after they submitted their nominations with the election commission. Kasuri was unable to give a figure when asked how many candidates the APML was fielding.

A low profile party leader however said the chief really needed some serious political minds to establish his credentials as chief of a political party. “The APML has not taken the shape of a political party yet; it can rather be called Musharraf’s fan club,” added the party leader who wished to be kept anonymous.