A country, whose major economic policies and political decisions are slave to foreign interference is unlikely to protect its sovereignty. An individual, who has sworn an oath of loyalty to another country, having pledged to uphold national security interests of another nation, should never be given an important public office, ambassadorial assignment, or any constitutional office in vital institutions, where fate of this country is decided. The manner in which foreign diplomats of Western and Arab countries are openly seen interfering in our political matters, makes a mockery of our sovereignty. Can we interfere in internal politics and financial management of these nations? It is our weaknesses which invites interference.

Sovereignty of any country is compromised if their political parties or their central executive bodies are manned by foreign nationals. It was shameful that a protest in Karachi announced from London was not called off on appeals of Pakistanis, but only on interference of British High Commission. If such a call for protest in UK was to originate from Pakistan, it would have been classified as terrorism. The role of Viceroy before 1947, it seems has been replaced by dual nationals, who have promised allegiance to the British Queen, or other international financial institutions, whose strategic interests may not necessarily be the same as ours.

State sovereignty can only be protected if our economic policies are independent. Economic sovereignty is interlinked to territorial sovereignty and therefore vital monetary institutions such as State Bank, National Bank, Auditor General of Pakistan, members nominated to represent state on various Boards of Directors of banks, Planning Commission of Pakistan etc must be citizens of Pakistan whose majority assets (self, family and property) are located in this country and under no circumstances should they hold any foreign immigration status. The damage done to Pakistan by these briefcase carrying volunteers, who have all their lives been on payroll of institutions controlled by foreign governments, has been very devastating and under no circumstances should this country knowingly allow individuals culpable to foreign pressure, to hold such offices.


Lahore, March 22.