PML-N chief Mian Nawaz Sharif has been promising this country a ‘politics of principles’ after his return from exile, but we only saw him accepting those into the party who have considered politics as a good business deal. PML-N presented their manifesto at Lahore Press Club on March 7, which mainly focuses on revival of economy and to end energy crisis.

The manifesto is very disappointing because PML-N ignored the crucial issue of militants and law and order. The law and order situation is so bad that Pakistan is considered a very dangerous country and no one feels safe here. PML-N has not given this precarious situation any priority. There are no reforms mentioned to replace the ‘plunder democracy’ with real democracy which would guarantee the welfare of the people. I wonder how economy can revived unless law and order situation is set right. The second priority in the manifesto is overcoming the energy crisis, as a result of which the factories are closing down and unemployment has increased. I would like to ask PML-N leadership, why didn’t they implement any biomass, coal based, canal hydel, wind or solar based power projects during their five year tenure in Punjab? They also abandoned the life saving Kalabagh Dam project when they had been strong supporters of this project.

Why did they spend billion on ‘Sasti roti’ (which did not last), Danish schools, yellow cabs, Ashiana Housing and spent more than Rs 30 billion on Metro Bus project, instead of spending this money on the energy projects? How much has the PML-N Punjab government done to really help boost the overall tax revenue? Why has the Punjab government not passed any law to impose tax on agriculture income? How can any development take place without generation of new funds by taxing the rich and large land owners? The PML-N promised in its manifesto to hold local election in six months when the Punjab government had deliberately sabotaged local elections during the last five years, despite Lahore High Court order to hold the election? The track record of PML-N implementing their election manifesto is not worthy of any mention; therefore I would be the last person to believe that PML-N will be implementing any part of its manifesto.


Lahore, March 22.