KARACHI - The Pakistan Muslim League Functional (PML-F) while unveiling its election manifesto on Tuesday promised to introduce a ‘Homeland Security’ by establishing a special force to solve the law and order situation on national level.

Supremacy, competence and rule of law will be maintained if party was voted to power in elections 2013.

PML-F’s central leader Senator Muzaffar Hussain Shah while addressing a press conference at the PML-F House made the manifesto public. He claimed that CPLC would be established for divisional headquarters throughout Sindh and the rest of the country.

Under the slogan of “A better life for all justice – Education, Health and Sustenance”, the election manifesto the PML-F has promised that all No-Go areas would be eradicated in Karachi, besides sectarian differences, regional biases, language, colour and cast differences will be set aside through integration of the Pakistani spirit in order to achieve a united nation.  PML-F’s provincial general secretary Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh, Muhammad Ali Durrani, Mehtab Akbar Rashdi, Jam Madad Ali, Nusrat Sehar Abbasi and others were present in the press conference.

Senator Muzaffar Shah said that after coming in the power, the PML-F will ensure rightful restoration of provincial status of Bahawalpur, besides Sindhi and other regional languages will be given the status of national languages.

The minimum wages of labour will be doubled and government officers’ salaries will be linked to the inflation rate. There will be no government restrictions on working after office hours.

Free, quality education up to Intermediate will be ensured for children across the country.

The election manifesto said that the students passing Intermediate examinations with A-Grade will be awarded Tablet PCs while girls’ education will be encouraged. Scholarship programme will be initiated to encourage deserving students.

Special Education Centres will be developed at Taluka level throughout the country for children with special needs.

Restrictions in Karachi’s educational institutions on admission of students from interior Sindh will be eliminated.

The PML-F will make HEC a free and independent organisation and will ensure the representation of all provinces in it, besides free health facilities will be provided to people above the age of 65 years to address their special needs.

It said that the quota for disabled people would be increased to 3 percent and its implementation would be ensured. Constitutional protection will be provided for jobs and other quotas for poverty stricken areas of the country and special quotas would be introduced for such areas.

A Rescue Service similar to 1122 will be initiated for all districts across country.

The PML-F announced that Circular Railway will be revived with bullet trains. Major steps will be taken towards job creation to eliminate unemployment and a database will be established for skilled/semi-skilled labour that will be utilised for vocational training and job acquisition in prosperous countries.

The election manifesto of the PML-F said that 12-acre segments of state land will be distributed to deserving farmers.

Illegal and non-transparent contracts over Karachi’s Coastal Islands will be dissolved.

A master plan will be developed at divisional headquarters’ level which will include beautification plans, sewerage management, roads development, parks development, filtered water supply schemes etc.

A Solid Waste Management programme will be initiated in Karachi. A new traffic police system similar to the Motorway Police will be implemented in major cities across the country; including Karachi, Hyderabad and Sukkur.

If voted to power, the PML-F announced that budget of education will be increased from 2 percent to 6 percent while it will support for teaching Computer Science and Technology subjects in Madarsahs on National Level.

Agro Economy subjects in Higher Education will be introduced, while Agronomy would be made a compulsory subject in schools in rural areas.

Health Budget will be increased to 6 percent, while provision of Universal basic health facilities through establishment of Basic Health Units on Taluka level and by ensuring 100 percent efficiency of such existing units.

The PML-F announced that it will implement the Water Accord of 1991 with letter and spirit, besides it will be ensured that Chashma-Jehlum Link Canal and the Thal Canal will not be opened without the consent of Sindh and Balochistan.

The PML-F will not let the construction of the Kalabagh Dam, while the Tax Net will be increased from 1 million to 3 million tax payers, without increasing tax rate/tariff.

To control inflation, sales tax will be set to 5 percent flat rate, non-refundable, while revival of thousands of industries closed in the past few years.

The PML-F will ensure good-governance by developing an effective body to monitor and ensure transparency in purchases in public sector and the award of contracts, while judiciary must be enabled to monitor and oversee that all acts of governance. The perks of the ministers, MNAs and MPAs would be reduced. PML-F announced that it will reduce the perks of civil and military bureaucrats if it voted to power.

Illegal judicial systems (Jirgas/Punchayats) would be eliminated, besides increase in the number of Women’s Courts and Women’s Police Stations would be priority and scholarship programmes will be introduced to encourage girls’ education.

PML-F announced that it will take steps to eliminate Forced Conversion Issues faced by Hindu women/girls, while implementation of the existing overall minorities’ quota (5 percent) would be insured.