MINCHINABAD - The police claimed to have busted 50 outlaws including three notorious inter-district gangs of looters besides 7 proclaim offenders during separate raids in various areas of Tehsil. The police recovered stolen motorbikes, car, weapons and other valuables worth hundreds of thousands of rupees from the criminals.

Talking to The Nation here the other day, DSP Rao Jamshaid Ali claimed that the police also arrested 10 drug-peddlers and recovered 500 bottles of liquor. Similarly, the police recovered a large quantity of arms and ammunition and arrested 20 accused. About the negative effects of prostitution and gambling, the DSP stated that the police nabbed 18 accused including 13 gamblers from different localities. Moreover, 27 cases of theft including eight cases of cattle-lifting were solved following the arrest of 26 suspects and booty of Rs0.4 million was recovered. Similarly, the City Police also solved three different cases of blind murder by nicking 12 suspects and recovered valuables from them.

The DSP claimed that during a clamp down on unregistered vehicles, the police impounded over 550 vehicles.

He stressed the need for public cooperation to root out crimes, saying that the police alone could not materialise the goal of crime elimination. He also reminded the citizens of their civic obligations towards obeying all the laws of the state and extending support the law enforcement agencies to safeguard the country.

To a question, he pointed out that it would be unrealistic to claim complete eradication of crime but the police would spare no effort to protect the life and prosperity of the common man. Rao Jamshaid sought the media role for strengthening the police hands against crime and criminals, saying that the mediamen should pinpoint the shortcomings and deficiencies in Police Department for creation of a better society.