LAHORE – Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that forthcoming general elections are significant for the future of country.

“May 11 will dawn with the victory of 180 million people of Pakistan, who have pinned hopes on the PML-N as it delivered with dedication and commitment,” he said while talking to his party people from other districts.

“The people, who talk about change, should realize that sloganeering never serves. Where were these people when floods wreck havoc?” he added.

The chief minister said he had faith the people would bring forth only sincere and honest leadership in general elections.

Shahbaz said the Punjab govt has successfully completed journey of progress and prosperity despite massive opposition by the PPP-led opposition.

He said Punjab government introduced revolutionary reform programmes in education, health, infrastructure, livestock, industry, agriculture and other sectors which have produced encouraging results.

He said Daanish schools, have been established in far-flung and downtrodden areas of the province to provide quality education to children. He said the Punjab government has maintained merit in the province in teachers’ recruitment.

He said the youth have been encouraged through revolutionary programmes like Daanish schools, Punjab Educational Endowment Fund, Education Foundation’s voucher scheme, green tractors scheme, internship programme, laptop scheme, Ujala programme and the self-employment scheme which have given the due rights to the younger generation.

He said that good governance, merit and transparency of Punjab government have been acknowledged by impartial, national and international institutions, as well. He said, few years ago, Pakistan used to follow reforms introduced in India, but, with the grace of Allah, now India is following reform programmes introduced in Punjab, due to their high quality and speed. He said East Punjab has requested for our assistance in solid waste management sector, while Indian province of Uttar Paradesh is distributing laptops on the pattern of Punjab government.  He said Punjab govt has completed development programmes, worth Rs481 billion throughout province during the last five years, which include mega projects, worth Rs186 billion, and small developments programmes worth Rs285 billion.

He said in the previous era only Rs52 billion were spent on development of south Punjab but the Punjab government of PML-N has spent an amount of Rs292 billion for the development of south Punjab. He said, during the previous era, only Rs11.8 billion were spent on education, while Punjab government of PML-N has spent Rs111.2 billion for the betterment of education sector. He said during the previous era, only Rs11.3 billion were spent on health sector, while the Punjab government of PML-N has spent an amount of Rs71.6 billion on the health sector. He said, during the previous era, only Rs104 billion were spent for the development of basic infrastructure, while the Punjab government of PML-N has spent an amount of Rs318 billion for this purpose.

Shahbaz said that the excellent performance of Punjab government is before the people and they are the best judge. He said that progress and prosperity in Punjab is result of the best team work, due to which Punjab government now stands victorious in the court of Allah Almighty and the people. He said, if Allah gave another opportunity to serve the people, the journey of progress and prosperity, initiated in Punjab, would be expanded to every nook and corner of the country, under the dynamic leadership of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.

He said we spent national resources only on the progress, prosperity and development of the people, as a matter of sacred national trust and no step was taken for personal grandeur. Shahbaz Sharif said the day of general elections would prove to be accountability day of all looters, thieves and dacoits, as people would totally reject them through the power of their vote on that day.