LAHORE - US Counsel General in Lahore Nina Maria Fite has said that US government will seek cooperation from Pakistan for boosting their women hockey which is a popular sport in America.

Talking at the inauguration of Rukhsana Arshad Women Hockey Academy Tuesday, Nina said: “Field hockey is a very popular among US women and they take keen interest in this thrilling sport. They will be keen to have cooperation of Pakistan.” President and secretary of the academy Parveen Sikdandar Gill and Sahrish Ghumman and a number of former Olympians including Tahir Zaman, Rehan Butt, Danish Kaleem and Akhlaq Ahmad and Noreen John from Ireland were also present on the occasion.

“We will be inviting Pakistan female players and coaches to visit US to play hockey there and to impart training to our young players and through this process, we will be able to further uplift hockey in our country,” she said.

She said US government was paying special attention to promote games among women by arranging healthy activities and there was a wide scope to further popularise hockey among women as a lot of immigrants were residing there and had keen interest in the game of hockey.” Nina, who actively played hockey at 15-year of age, demonstrated some finer points of the game while playing hockey in an exhibition match which marked the opening of the academy.

Meanwhile, an exhibition match between Benazir Bhutto Shaheed XI and Fatima Jinnah XI was also played which was won Benazir Bhutto Shaheed XI 2-1. The top players of the city took part in it. At the end, Nina gave away souvenirs and prizes to the players and officials.