OKARA  - Ghausia Law College Depalpur, de-affiliated by the University of the Punjab more than three years ago, has been still fleecing the old students in the name admission fee, it is learnt.

The affected students said that the college management collected heavy dues for admissions. They disclosed that since its de-affiliation, no classes were being held at the college. They added that the college consisted of dozens of classrooms which always remained locked as no teacher was available there.

Shahnawaz, Muhammad Javed, Shahzad Ahmad, Javaid Usman and Amir Raza, LL-B Part II and III students respectively, said that their main issue was unavailability of teachers as they had to face academic problems without guidance. For this purpose, they asked for ‘No Objection Certificates’ for their migration to other suitable college, but Mr Shah demanded heavy amount though Mr Abdul Sattar, the clerk, for this purpose, the students alleged. They added that the non-teaching staff consisted of the only clerk who is a source of communication between the visitors and “principal” Shah Sayam.

They complained that before their admission, Mr Shah had agreed that they would pay certain amount as annual charges. However, they added, he almost tripled the charges for second year without any notice.

When contacted, PU’s Deputy Registrar General Iqbal Khalil said that it was a fraud and the affected students should get a case registered against the college principal and other persons involved in the alleged fraud. He added that it was common practice being observed in the society.

He advised the students to submit their admission forms after attestation from the deputy registrar and pay no dues to the college. He said that the principal after de-affiliation of the college, does not hold the post anymore.

The deputy registrar quoted such another incident took place in Lahore.

He said, “A college in Lahore was de-affiliated and the students of the college were deceived by a fraudulent. He collected hundreds of thousands of rupees from the students for their admissions and left the country.” He said that the university had repeatedly informed such students who visit his office for information in this regard that not to be fleeced by anyone rather they themselves should submit admission forms after attestation.

The PU has set various rules for granting affiliation regarding separate building, adequate hostel facilities, auditorium, offices and classrooms of reasonable sizes, seating in classes, premises for conducting the University Examinations, a proper canteen, toilets, a student’s common room, qualified principal and teachers, whole-time sports office and library etc. Sources said that the Punjab University terminated the affiliation of Ghausia College for failure to fulfil the necessary conditions for affiliation.

On contact by mobile phone, Mr Shah Sayam, the principal, admitted that he withdrew the affiliation with the university, and said, “We are making efforts to secure affiliation of some other university.” To a question as to why he charged heavy dues if the college had been de-affiliated, he said that there was a huge building and staff in the college and he had to charge fees to run it.