Sadia Zaheer

Lahore-Depilex is back again with something more exciting which would take you to an amazing beauty ride and make sure that you get a stunning look. The salon Sante near Hussain Chowk is Depilex’s latest venture in the world of glamour and beauty. It provides the fresh make over that is a must for all ladies.

Sante is dream project of Redah Misbah. More than just your regular salon, Sante brings ‘you to the newer you’. It caters to a lower market segment than that of Depilex. ‘My team and I were continuously looking to grow the Depilex empire to keep up with the ever changing market trends. I realized that there was a huge market segment that could not afford the Depilex prices and we were losing a lot of clients due to this. Therefore, I thought that instead of lowering the prices of Depilex why not launch a new brand, under a new name but under the Depilex umbrella and for a new audience. Sante was a salon launched by my mother in the 80s which unfortunately had to be shut down. We have re launched the salon and are now catering specifically to students of schools and colleges. So now our clients who cannot afford Depilex can come to Sante,’ said Redha Misbah

The salon’s interior has been done by Hamza Tarrar. The ambience is very attractive, colourful and funky. ‘Our prices are very reasonable like haircuts start at PKR.700/- only,’ Redah said. One can easily have all the services on a very reasonable and affordable price and the staff of the salon is very friendly and cooperative. One thing that is eye catchy in the salon is the media wall for taking photos and for writing comments. Girls who avail medi pedi services can find different shades of nail colour of of Essie.

Musarat Misbah the force behind Depilex said she saw Sante, The Salon as another addition to the ever growing Depilex Group. ‘It is a one of a kind salon in today’s time as Depilex was when it was launched in the 80’s. I expect it to flourish. ‘I felt immensely proud of Redah for having a vision to continuously grow the Depilex family. My niece Hafsa and Redah are two very ambitious and practical individuals and I am certain that they will take Depilex Group to the next level,’ Musarat said.