We had yet to recover from the shock of the vehicle pile-up in south west Baluchistan, killing 35 when another tragedy, of a bus falling into a ravine, while overtaking near Murree, killing 10 more happened. Both accidents were caused due to reckless and dangerous driving by, I am sure untrained and illiterate drivers. Many innocent passengers died at the hands these unmonitored drivers, a rapidly depleting road infrastructure, badly maintained vehicles and absence of any safety and traffic enforcement rules in this fast deteriorating country.

Our PM himself is a staunch believer in enhancing economic growth by building a sound network of roads. We would like to request him to turn his attention to transporters, and the drivers the hire, who not only endanger the travelers in their own vehicles but can also harm others on the roads. There is dire need for a strict law to hold the owners responsible for hiring untrained and drug addict drivers. I am sure strict laws will prevent many accidents and save many lives.


United Kingdom, March 24.