ISLAMABAD- Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan said that Taliban did not want to enforce Shariah in the country at gunpoint. Khan was speaking to journalists today before leaving for the Supreme Court in the federal capital. Khan said TTP want Pakistan to disassociate itself from the US war and this has also been a demand of PTI for the past ten years. Khan was optimistic about the positive outcomes from the dialogue process. Khan underscored that the government's negotiators should have given priority to tribal areas for peace talks, adding that tribal people held the key to dialogue. Imran further said that ceasefire should continue and the non-combatants (women, children and the elderly) should be released.

The PTI chief said the case on the appointment of Chairman National Accountability Bureau (NAB) was very imperative and that it had been made after consensus of two political parties. "Pakistan's biggest menace is corruption," said the PTI chief. He added that the leadership of both parties was facing graft charges, adding that corruption would not be eliminated under such practices.