LAHORE  - Police on Wednesday detained three accused including a woman in connection with the killing of five men, who were gunned down in Harbanspura area late Tuesday night. Investigators said the killings took place over the ownership of a 12-marla house.  The dispute erupted between the two families after the under-arrest woman had contracted love-marriage. Later, she managed to trick her father by getting his signature on the property papers.  The accused identified as Saira Bibi alias Allah Rakhi had contracted love marriage with Jehangir, also among the dead, some five years ago.

The gun attack was carried out during a Panchayet as the elders sat together to patch up the dispute in Fateh Grah (Street No 18) on Tuesday night.  Police said that Mohammed Umar, 58, along with his three sons Ali Raza, 35, Muhammad Akram, 32, and Rafaqat Ali 28, was present in the meeting when Saira and her husband Jehangir appeared there along with a few gunmen.

During the conversation, Jehangir got infuriated and asked his accomplices to open the fire on his in-laws. As a result, Omar and his three sons sustained multiple bullet wounds and died on the spot. Jehangir also fell victim to friendly fire and sustained serious injuries. He was rushed to the Services Hospital, where he succumbed to wounds.  The police conducted raids and arrested three suspects including Saira, her brothers-in-law Shahbaz and Hamza in connection with the murders. Another gunman identified as Yousaf is still at large and police are conducting raids for his arrest.