Rawalpindi - Despite tall claims made by WAPDA, at least 12 hours unscheduled loadshedding is continued in the division, irking traders, growers and general public.

In rural areas, WAPDA is observing loadshedding for more than 16 hours, disturbing the normal life badly.

The general public, including growers, traders, lawyers, students, tailors, teachers and house wives protested against the Ministry of Water and Power and demanded the government to end unannounced loadshedding. They asked State Minister for Water and Power Abid Sher Ali to resign from his office as he failed in controlling the specter of loadshedding in the country. They also blasted N-League government, saying it has failed in resolving public issues.

Talking to The Nation on Thursday, the citizens said that 12 hours unannounced power suspension was disturbing the life besides badly effecting the business of shopkeepers and small traders in the province. They said that unannounced and prolonged loadshedding was unacceptable for them and if the government did not stop it forthwith then they would take to roads for protest.

Tanveer Khokhar, a pant coat trader, told that there was 12 hour-long loadshedding in Saddr which caused immense troubles for tailors. “I have to deliver many pant coat suits today to my customers but could not because of loadshedding,” he said. “I am working on my final thesis and want to compose it on my computer but power suspension made it impossible for me,” said Ayesha Khan, a university student, demanding Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif to end loadshedding.

Shahana Bibi, a housewife in Lalkurti, was of the view that 12 hours long loadhshedding caused severe water shortage as she had to wait for hours to clean the dishes and clothes.

Raja Nazir, a lawyer, said that since the N-League came into power, it was multiplying miseries of people due to anti-people economic policies. “The government has badly failed in delivering to masses,” he said, adding that the CM Punjab, who had staged protest demo against loadhshedding in Lahore during PPP rule, was sitting peacefully and seeing the whole drama in Punjab.

Many residents of Adyala Road said that they were suffering power shutdown after every hour. “This shows the government has planned to burn people with heat during summer by observing loadshedding,” they said.

Similarly, the resident of rural areas said that WAPDA was observing more than 16 hours loadshedding in the villages which has made normal life miserable. They said that the PM and CM promised to overwhelm energy crisis during electioneering but both had failed in materialising their promises.

Meanwhile, scores of residents of Nirali stormed the IESCO Office at Dolata to register their protest against loadshedding. The IESCO staff run away from the office. The protestors said that they were suffering badly owing to unannounced loadshedding. They said that they would not leave the IESCO office until WAPDA not end loadshedding.