The Jinnah Avenue road, also known as M.M. Alam Road (which links Malir Halt to Malir Cantt), is used by the residents of Model Colony and those residing in Malir Cantt and adjacent areas. There used to be a U-turn right at Model Morr, which provided ease for all commuters. Drivers had access to service lanes on both sides and traffic congestion was at a minimum. However, last year authorities closed the Model Morr U-turn and created a new one, in front of Amin Masjid – located a few meters before Model Morr. Last year, authorities also created a new U-turn in front of Daffodil Lawn, a few meters ahead of Model Morr. Both U-turns created traffic congestion, as drivers would go the wrong way to use the service lane or the U-turn. Recently, the authorities have blocked these U-turns and drivers have to cover a distance of at least one kilometer to make the U-turn available from where the link road begins that connects Malir to Malir Cantt and University Road. Drivers, therefore, have to cover a total distance of two kilometers (back and forth) when making the U-turn before arriving at the Model Morr turning or using the adjoining lanes. To reduce the time, save petrol, and distance covered when making this U-turn, drivers go the wrong way from the Airport U-turn, right in front of the Model Colony graveyard. It is located nearly 2.2 kilometers before the only available U-turn at the beginning of the link road as mentioned above. From the Airport U-turn, drivers go the wrong way to have access to Model Morr, Moinabad, and other lanes. This creates traffic bottlenecks and is also a hazard for it can lead to traffic accidents especially at night or during rush hours. Therefore, I would request the concerned authorities to look into this matter and reopen the U-turn at Model Morr, that was effectively operating for nearly fifteen years until its closure in 2015.


Karachi, March 1.