ISLAMABAD: Police fired tear gas today at thousands of stone-throwing supporters of Mumtaz Qadri, a month after he was hanged for killing a Punjab governor for alleged blasphemy.

According to reports the protestors have entered the Red Zone and are approaching the Parliament House. They have burnt seven containers and one CDA car on the spot.

The Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad has called extra police personnel to stop the protestors. According to reports the protestors are in front of Parliament building and the police is trying to stop them.

According to Waqt News there is no government representative at the protest place in front of the Parliament building which has made the situation worse. The protestors have started a sit-in and declared that they will not end it till their demands are met.

According to ISPR, Army has been allocated near the Red Zone following the federal government's request.

Qadri's execution was called a 'turning point' by analysts in Pakistan’s fight against extremism. The hanging has also highlighted religious division fault-lines.

Accordingt to sources over 25,000 supporters of the former police bodyguard gathered in Rawalpindi to offer prayers, before moving towards the heavily-barricaded capital. Over 100,000 were in attendance at his funeral.

Police officials carrying batons and shields have fired tear gas at the protestors to try to prevent them pushing closer to the city centre.

Qadri was working as a bodyguard for Punjab governor Salmaan Taseer when he shot him in 2011. Taseer had called for reform in the blasphemy law, which according to critics is misused to oppress religious minorities in Pakistan.