The two years age relaxation by Sind Government in respect of Sind Public Service Commission’s (SPSC) announced Combined Competitive Examination-2018 (CCE-2018) on 19/02/2018, is viewed with less solace rather infact another ‘Piece of Master-Joke’ by candidates all over Sind. As such the delay period of previous Combined Competitive Examination-2013 is by five years in violation of Supreme Court verdict of dated:13/March/2017, whereby the said Commission has to conduct the Combined Competitive Examinations on yearly basis.

Second issue of ‘Age Cut-Off Date’ wherein the age is to be reckoned by 01/Sept/2018, though the Jobs announcement date is 19/Feb/2018, is still unaddressed.

Keeping in view, these two issues: of Five years delay but according merely two years relaxation and Age Cut-Off Date, the Chief Minister and the Sind Public Service Commission must revisit its age relaxation and age calculation policies respectively to promote competitiveness.


Karachi, March 15.