rawalpindi-The residents of Dhoke Hassu staged a protest on Monday against police for its failure in controlling the surge in street crimes that has created a sense of insecurity among the people.

The protestors, including 70 including males, females and children, were chanting slogans against the area police for not stopping the looting spree launched by armed gangs of dacoits.

They also demanded City Police Officer (CPO) Israr Ahmed Khan Abbasi to take stern action against the police officials of Police Station (PS) Ratta Amral for not arresting the robbers that are depriving citizens of valuable belongings round the clock.

According to details, a large numbers of people gathered at Dhoke Hassu Chowk and demonstrated against the police. The protestors said that a gang of dacoits have intercepted a woman in Dhoke Hassu on gunpoint and attempted to snatch her hand bag. However, a passerby thwarted the dacoity bid after which people in the area went berserk against the police for its failure in curbing the spike in street crime. 

During the protest at Dhoke Hassu Chowk, the protestors blocked the road for traffic and bellowed slogans against the police.

“Dhoke Hassu has become a safe haven for robbers and dacoits who target men, women and youngsters even in broad day light at markets and on roads but police is not taking any action,” said Saqib Jamil, a protestor and resident of Dhoke Hassu.

He said the victims have approached PS Ratta Amral station house officer and even Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) to beef up security in the locality besides enhancing patrolling but all efforts have gone in vain.

Another protestor Ali Zaman was of view that the launching of Dolphin Force has made no difference as the force has failed in arresting even a single robber from Dhoke Hassu while patrolling the area.

xHe said CPO should pay a surprise visit in the area to see how his subordinates are doing their duties. “Armed dacoits come and target people and manage to slip away without any fear,” he said.

Many other protestors said the increasing incidents of robberies have horrified the citizens, especially women and children who now hesitate to even walk on roads in broad day light. They asked the police officials to place more check posts in the area to keep an eye on robbers and dacoits. SHO PS Ratta Amral Mirza Zaman Raza declined to comment on the situation.