By Dua Khawar

Everybody thinks first day of school is very difficult for new comers. I admit about its difficulty but cannot ignore the interesting part of it. When I was little and went to school on first day, I was bit nervous and confused because I didn't even know whether the students will be my friends or be bad to me? Are the teachers strict or sweet? Will I top? Will study be easy? Can I manage all these things? Too many questions in head but my mother advised, you are going to school for your country, your family and for you,  only concentrate on these factors. That is why I happily gone to school and I did not even cry when I reached and my mother handed me over to a strange women that was my teacher. I remember she advised me to behave good, make friends, not to disturb your teacher, be friendly with all the teachers. She wished me luck and not to be nervous about different situations.

Her voice was echoing in my head when a tender voice said, “Come on Dua, let’s go to your classroom.” I held her hand and went to the classroom. My teacher introduced me to the students already sitting in the class. "She is your new friend her name is Dua." Everyone said hello and I responded with same compassion. On the first day, I ended up making many friends. I still remember their names, Fajjar, Manal, Laiba, Amna and four more. I love my school and now I come 1st every time. I am a very good dancer too. My teachers are very proud of me because I am very good actor too. I love my school and in the end I want to communicate to other school goers that don't be nervous on your 1st day of school go happily and return happily.

Published in Young Nation Magazine on July 22, 2017