LAHORE - At a time when the ruling as well as the opposition parties want general election held on time, a former general has called for the postponement of the process till the completion of ongoing phase of accountability.

Gen (r) Faiz Ali Chishti  said at a news conference here on Monday that  accountability should be across the board and military officials, civil bureaucracy and judges should also be made to face the process.

“Not only politicians but judges and generals should also be held accountable for their misdeeds and corruption. The law should be equal for all,” said Gen Chishti, who also heads an unknown political party —Tameer-i-Pakistan Party.

He claimed that the election could be constitutionally delayed for one year under certain circumstances.

Gen Chishti, who was among the closest aides to Gen Zia when the 1977 martial law was imposed, has raised the demand when the National Accountability Bureau is making references against various political leaders. Some important leaders are already facing the process and many more are likely to be indicted in the times ahead. 

Answering a question, Gen Chishti said his party would participate in the election whenever it is held. He said Tameer-i-Pakistan Party will contest election under the slogans and manifesto ‘justice for all.’

At present, Gen Chishti is also president of retired military officers’ organisation, Pakistan Ex-Servicemen Association.

He was of the opinion that the country would progress only when the mighty and the powerful elements were held accountable without any discrimination. He said the ongoing accountability process must meet its logical end.

TPP president told a questioner that he would not propose the formation of a technocrats setup at this juncture.