RAHIM YAR KHAN-The public relations officer of the Islamia University of Bahawalpur has refuted any kind of clash between the university security guards and students of Khawaja Farid Government Postgraduate College Rahim Yar Khan.

On 24th of March there was only one security guard on duty and the faculty members residing in the hostel were off to their homes due to weekend. Around 12 to 15 persons forcibly entered the residential premises adjacent to Khawaja Farid College and thrashed the security guard, he alleged. They opened the door located towards the college side where 50 to 60 students carrying sticks were present. They also carried equipment to destroy the building and demolished the wall between the hostel of campus faculty and Khawaja Farid College, he said.

Then they entered the building and ransacked the office and residential rooms of the university’s faculty members, he added. They took away a UPS, 2 computers, an LCD TV, a fax machine, telephone sets, generator wires and personal items of the faculty members including laptops, note books and other utensils, he alleged.

He claimed the building located in the Khawaja Farid College premises was built by the university as faculty hostel and after shifting of university campus from college to its own campus building, the facility was retained by the university as there was no residential facility available for faculty members. Currently, he added, the university was restoring the building after the incident occurred.