LAHORE -  Chairman Pakistan Awami Tehreek-e- Inqilab   Prof. Aftab   Lodhi has expressed deep concern over the sudden increase in value of dollar against Pakistani Rupee by Money Mafia.

In press statement, Prof. Aftab Lodhi said that the Pakistani Rupee plunged to the lowest level in the world currencies and this increase in dollar value had increased national debts by Rs 500 billion in a few hours.

He said that there was miserable devaluation of national currency while there were no moral values of the mafia members. Prof. Aftab Lodhi said that the national currency had become the world`s poorest currency to benefit tax evasions and money launderers.  The implementation of the Amnesty Scheme could be misused by money mafia to bring black money into Pakistan, he said, adding the national debts had mounted to almost 89 billion USD forcing Pakistan to go to IMF with the beggars bowl and IMF shackles.

He further stated that due to economic crisis, a new storm of inflation would result in a wave of rising internal and external debts.  He deplored that this exorbitant increase in the value of dollar against Pakistani Rupee would also increase the import cost of crude oil and all other basic utilities of life.