By Asjad Ali Almas

Humans have always been trying to make their lives easier by inventing different machines from their sources and knowledge. We have come a long way in bringing comfort to our lives and the 21st century will be remembered in coming years as decade of startling inventions and discoveries. We have challenged our physical capacities to an unbelievable level.

Several years back we were active and very well known to our responsibilities. People were not lazy which is our present and affecting the future. No doubt we have made many improvements in our life e.g. Internet, Mails, Mobiles, Social Media, etc. It made our life easy but on the other hand we are becoming lazy and forgetting that it also making us weak. People in past were hardworking but now by the computers and other devices, they are losing their stamina by sitting at home. If they are on bed they will have any device with them. From making a paper bag till travelling everything is done by machines. It is taking over our responsibilities. But everything cannot be done by machines. Remember ‘We are not made for machines, machines are made for us.’ At the end I want to share a quote of Adrian Tchaikovsky

“Progress is made by the improvement of people, not the improvement of machines.” 

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 Published in Young Nation Magazine on July 22, 2017