There should be no doubt in mind of any citizen of Pakistan, that this country has had, not a single civil or military leader, with half integrity, intellect and commitment of Quaid e Azam Mohd Ali Jinnah. I take strong objection to those who while trying to please their political master, are comparing Nawaz Sharif with Jinnah Saheb. This country has given more to them, than any one of them has given back. 

Jinnah had no hesitation in abandoning his flourishing legal practice in London and selling the house where he lived between 1930-34 and move to subcontinent at call of Muslim leaders, nor did he have any second thought in 1947 to leave behind palatial Malabar Hill House in Bombay spread over 2.5 acres, nor was it his priority to repossess Jinnah House No 53 in Lahore Cantonment which was acquired by Raj under Defense of India Act in 1945. During his brief tenure as Governor General, he was adamant that not a rupee from state funds is wasted for personal expenditure or guest entertainment. As compared to Quaid, there is hardly any civil or political leader who has not abused his powers, been guilty of conflicts of interest, does not own property in Pakistan or abroad which he/she can justify by their declared tax returns. What we witness is culture of tax free import of luxury limousines as a perk of power, nepotism, spending crores on upgrading and renovation of personal houses declared as camp offices and allotment of multiple plots as part of retirement benefits for rendering services for which they were employed. So rampant and frequent has been this abuse that irregularity has acquired status of regularity. 


Lahore, March 14.