ISLAMABAD : The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has asked Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi to tender an apology for his remarks about the recently-elected Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani that votes in his favour were ‘bought’.

A two-member delegation of the PTI including Fawad Chaudhry and Senator Faisal Javed called on the Senate chairman here on Monday and termed the PM’s statement a ‘disgrace’ not only for the Senate but the parliament.

Speaking to the chairman, the PTI delegation held that the PM’s statement was unbecoming of the status of the prime minister.

They said that the Senate chairman represented the federation.

The PTI delegation maintained that the statement had hurt the sentiments of the people of Balochistan from where the Senate chairman belonged to and announced that the party stood by the chairman.

They asked the prime minister to apologise for his statement, and added the PTI would not become part of any campaign against Sanjrani. 

Prime Minister Abbasi, speaking in Lahore on Saturday, had urged the members of the opposition to jointly nominate a new Senate chairman.

The prime minister had alleged that the recently-elected Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani held no respect as votes in his favour were ‘bought’. The PM, however, stressed that the matter should be resolved amicably to avoid disgrace.

“The Senate chairman also serves as the acting president and it is a disgrace to the country that a man who bought votes became the leader of the upper house. Can there be any respect for the country after that?” Abbasi had said.

On the very next day, PTI Chairman Imran Khan had tweeted, “So now PM Abbasi is crying about horse-trading and money-deciding Senate elections. If his party was so concerned, why didn’t they support PTI’s proposals to change the Senate election format to prevent exactly these shenanigans?”

Meanwhile, Senate spokesman has contradicted the news item that appeared in a section of the press that the Senate chairman had sought a meeting with the prime minister.  He said that neither the chairman nor the Senate Secretariat had sent any request/letter to the Prime Minister’s House for meeting.