OKARA-Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has waged a war against corruption and the corrupt elements in the county.

It was conveyed by local PTI leader Ch Abdus Sattar Wahlah during a media talk here the other day.

"The growing PTI's popularity among the masses is a testimony to a democratic and corruption-less Pakistan in near future," he maintained. He criticised Sharif brothers saying they had won the title of 'great liars' with their false slogans and promises they made with people. He said that the Sharifs had always befooled the entire nation in the name of democracy.

"Every tenure of the PML-N government is replete with corruption, nepotism and huge funds embezzlement," he said, adding that the PML-N government performed nothing good for the masses except adding to their woes.

He said that the middle class was running short of money while the lower class was teetering on the brink of starvation due to bad economic policies of the government.

"They even lack basic facilities of life" he regretted, claiming that they would reject the PML-N in the next general election and would honour the PTI with their confidence.


Police claimed to have nabbed four dacoits during a raid near 21/1RB village here the other day.

According to police, the suspects had been identified as Ghulam Rasool, Ghulam Sabir, Shfaqat Ali and Saif. Police also recovered arms from their possession. Some of the suspects arrested were proclaimed offenders. Further investigation was underway.

Seven-year-old mauled by stray dog

OKARA-A seven-year-old boy sustained critical injuries after he was mauled by a stray dog in a suburban village here the other day.

According to police, Aqeel Abbas, resident of 27/1 AL village was playing in the street when he was mauled by a stray dog. Upon his hue and cry, villagers rushed to the spot, rescued him and killed the stray dog. The boy was rushed to hospital for treatment.

Security finalised for Rajab 13th procession

KAMALIA-Police finalised the security arrangements for Rajab 13th procession scheduled to celebrate the birth of Hazrat Ali (RA).

During a meeting held under the chair of Kamalia DSP Atif Meraaj, Peace Committee member Syed Saqlain Haidar Shah said that the procession would begin from Markazi Imambargah, Kamalia, adding that it would end after passing through traditional routes. "During the procession, time schedule will be strictly enforced," he maintained.

DSP Atif Miraj vowed to provide foolproof security to the procession. "We must promote unity and intersect harmony among the masses for the prosperity of Pakistan," the DSP said, adding that collective efforts from all segments of society were sought for the purpose.