81 doctors have been sacked in Balochistan for their continued absence from duty. Balochistan is facing an acute crisis of shortage of health care professionals. It is also one of the most impoverished provinces in the country. Malnutrition is a problem which plagues half of the child population in Balochistan. With such adverse circumstances at play, it is necessary that the government takes charge of the health situation in the province and one of the many ways in which it can take charge is by providing adequate health facilities. The provincial government did employ 487 health care professionals on a contract basis to fill the gap created by the lack of permanent employees. The employees sacked now, 81, are those who have regularly skipped work and that is affecting the health care situation - especially in the distant areas of Balochistan.

Hafiz Abdul Majid, who is a secretary of the provincial health department mentioned the need to further employ medical officers for providing services to far off areas. This idea of employing medical officers worked in favour of the government because several operation theatres in the province became functional and many were treated by these medical officers. The ministry aims to employ 300 more officers to bridge the current gap. With heavy infrastructural work going on in the province and the promise of a developed future, it is necessary that the government works towards providing basic facilities to the residents. If the residents of the area are facing such problems, their growth and development will automatically be affected. This will create a vacuum which will be filled by people from other provinces, in terms of work, and that will further alienate the locals.

Each successive government now must work towards integrating Balochistan into the larger network because, without the growth of adjacent provinces, Pakistan cannot have a stable and booming economy.