LONDON-The European Parliament has backed controversial copyright laws critics say could change the nature of the net.The new rules include holding technology companies responsible for material posted without proper copyright permission. Many musicians and creators say the new rules will compensate artists fairly - but others say they will destroy user-generated content. The laws on copyright were last amended in 2001. It has taken several revisions for the current legislation to reach its final form. It is now up to member states to approve the decision. If they do, they will have two years to implement it once it is officially published. The two clauses causing the most controversy are known as Article 11 and Article 13. Article 11 states that search engines and news aggregate platforms should pay to use links from news websites. It means they would need to apply filters to content before it is uploaded.What is the controversial Article 13? Article 13 does not include cloud storage services and there are already existing exemptions, including parody. The European Parliament said that memes - short video clips that go viral - would be “specifically excluded” from the Directive.