“International law is on the side of Palestinians against Israel,” says Richard Falk, however, some of the international powers are not, evident from their support for Israel’s disproportionate bombardment of Gaza in response to the rockets that fell in its occupied territories on Monday. Once again, the Apartheid Israel without any verification about the perpetrators behind rocket attacks bombarded Gaza in the aftermath of the rockets that had injured seven Israelis.

Although the latest reports say that a truce has been reached between Hamas and Israel; however, nothing can be said what Benjamin Netanyahu’s next action will be? He can use the rocket attacks as a smokescreen to cover the corruption scandals that have beset his government and to confuse the Israeli people who will be using their right to vote shortly.

Nevertheless, Netanyahu was meeting the US president Donald Trump when Israel started bombing Gaza and the Israeli prime minister cut short his visit to respond forcefully “to this wanton aggression.” In the meanwhile, Trump, instead of asking Mr Netanyahu to show restraint tapped him on his back by issuing remarks that Israel has the “absolute right” to defend itself. Trump’s bellicose behaviour does not end at this point. He’s keen on destabilising the whole of the Middle East. Till now, Palestine Israel conflict was the leading cause of destabilisation of the ME.

However, Trump has opened a new front as he has formally recognised Israel’s occupation of Golan Heights. In another reversal of the decades-old policy of the United States, Trump this Monday recognised Israel’s sovereignty over the Israel-occupied Golan Heights. Is the move manifestation of revenge is best served cold since the US failed to dismantle Assad after equipping rebels in Syria for years? The cruel game of politics suggests many possibilities behind Trump’s recognition. First, it is indeed a step to vex Bashar-al-Assad. Second, the Monday’s decree will give Netanyahu a boost in the upcoming elections.

Additionally, Trump’s move also suggests that he’s also a supporter of greater Israel project, which some dismiss as a conspiracy theory. However, the Zionists are firm believers in the idea of greater Israel as Rabbi Fischmann once contemplating on the idea of the Promised Land said, “The Promised Land extends from the River of Egypt up to the Euphrates, it includes parts of Syria and Lebanon.”

It is clear that Israel’s belligerent and inhumane targeting of civilians in Gaza and the American recognition of Israel’s sovereignty over Golan Heights are in breach of international law. Trump’s formal recognition of Israel’s right over Syrian territory will exacerbate anti-American and anti-Jews sentiments in the region to new levels.