The Karachi University is a well known educational institute in the world, but its facilities are not up to the mark. The institute is facing major issues in providing point service to its students, so that the students coming from different parts of the city can easily reach the university. The aim is to provide transport facility to students, especially those who belong to middle class families. This service seems to be the most fascinating factor for the students. What is the actual picture of this service? There are about 42 thousand students enrolled in Karachi University, while only 28 buses are available for the students. How many of those 42 thousand students could avail this service? Most students have to travel using private conveyance, which is more costly for them.

Having more than 52 departments, UoK is just providing the service of 28 buses. If you have been to the university and visited the point terminal, you might have seen the condition of buses. The issue is due to a huge number of students. These buses get overloaded, which can be dangerous and can lead to accidents. Students can be seen hanging out from the doors, which is unsafe and of high risk.

Same is the case with the rickshaw service inside UoK. Students of various departments have to travel to other departments to take classes. This service is charging 40 or 50 rupees fare from students. Students claim that the fare is unbearable for them, and its makes it difficult for them to bear the brunt.

I want the authorities to look into this matter, and take action to provide good transport for students.


Karachi, March 10.