LAHORE - Bird traders from Lahore and Karachi have demanded that the authorities revise duty on the import of birds.  Bird traders from Lahore’s Tollinton Market and the Karachi Birds Association have submitted a proposal to the Punjab chief secretary, environment protection secretary and director general of the wildlife and fisheries department in this regard. According to the proposal, the bird traders have said that import duty on birds should be revised according to new parameters and contemporary business conditions because the margin of profit is quite low compared to the margin of profit in 2007 when the duty on import of birds was decided.  They said: “Exotic wild species, which are brought in Pakistan and duty is paid on their import, may not fall in the definition of wildlife.”

Shopkeepers at Tollinton Market said, “Exception may be given for import and export of captive/fancy/cage/exotic birds in respect of intern-provincial trade.”