Education is the gateway to development. In fact, education develops human resources. Education not only empowers people, but also provides better income generating prospects and creates equality of opportunities. Education is an integral part of our life. The great Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. It holds true for Pakistan as well.

Our education system resembles a video game. If you win, you go to next level and if you lose, you either exit the game or repeat classes. One gets defeated or passes a mission, just like exam. If we shoot a glance there are million of toppers, but only one in million becomes someone like Steve Jobs. However, educational institutions just observe the speaking, writing and listening power, but they never judge the students by their psyche and talent that what actually they deserve. So many students who want to become musicians or sportsmen are forced to study all subjects, therefore, they pass it with poor marks. Beside this, in foreign countries students are given chance to take their appropriate subjects to study, but in our country students choose those subjects which are selected by their parents. That is why education is backward in Pakistan.

Secondly, cheating culture which became a trend mostly in Balochistan is posing serious threats to the complete nation’s fate and jeopardising it. Cheating is rampant.

Thirdly, lack of education provokes early marriage; therefore, there is no limit of birthing children. In rural areas of Pakistan women are considered the machines for giving birth to maximum number of children. Quality not quantity matters for developing the country.

22.8 million children are out of school. They are proclaimed as child beggars and workers in Pakistan instead of being in educational institutions. The questions rises that why are they so?

Last but not least, education is a weapon to use in any field, any profession or any sector. Education can stabilise the economy of the country if immediate steps are taken in a proper time. The current government should observe the education and educational institutions. The reason behind success of any nation is surely education.


Turbat Kech.