With countries shutting their doors to foreigners in the wake of stopping coronavirus, Health Emergency needs to be imposed in our country regarding the catastrophic outbreak of this fatal disease.

Unfortunately, two cases have been reported in Pakistan, one in Islamabad, and one in Karachi. Pakistan claims to have excellent quarantine facilities at major airports, travellers from countries affected with lethal virus must be checked thoroughly. For the time being, pilgrimants from coronavirus hit countries have been stopped by Saudi Arabia as a preventive measure.

For the safety and security of public, Health Ministry of Pakistan must launch awareness scheme on electronic & print media as well as social media platforms about symptoms, treatment and preventive measures of this deadly virus. More importantly, public in general must avoid eating food at eateries not having ample clean and hygienically cooked food. Preventive is better than cure.

Pakistan should also minimise travelling to and from virus affected countries. Facilities to diagnose this virus should also be established in big cities to nip the evil in the bud. People of Pakistan must also exercise vigilance and control in their movement and doing all acts that may cause attraction of virus. In short, government is supposed to put in action hectic move to tackle this impending danger for the health of public at large.