KARACHI                -             Karachi has registered seven new cases of locally transmitted coronavirus during past 24 hours leading to total number of virus induced disease termed as Covid to 153 in the port city, that reported its first confirmed patient, a young student exactly a month ago on February 26.

A spokesperson of provincial health department sharing update on Covid -related status with the media here on Thursday, said a new case has also been tested positive in Hyderabad during the given period.

“Hence the total number of Covid positive comes to 156, excluding 265 pilgrims, in the province,” she said.

Of the 153 affected citizens from Karachi, two from Hyderabad and one from Dadu, 14 were said to have been fully recovered, 13 belonging to Karachi and one from Hyderabad.

A senior citizen from Karachi, also suffering from cancer and with a history of heart related conditions, having contracted Covid during the current month, was mentioned to have passed away due to co-morbidity.

The patient from Hyderabad tested positive for Covid on Thursday, the spokesman said he had a travel history to UK.

With regard to 3414 pilgrims transported from Taftan to Sukkur quarantine center, during past more than 20 days, she said 265 tested positive and 3149 negative adding that the former will remain under treatment at the dedicated facility till their full recovery.