ISLAMABAD                  -              Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have officially moved on with their new life away from all the drama of the royal family and are currently taking some much-needed time to themselves in Canada. Since Meghan and Harry announced they’re stepping back from royal duties, all the crap Meghan had to put up with becomes more and more evident. During Meghan’s tenure as a full-time royal, she was forced to deal with unfair, racist, and negative tabloid stories about her nearly every day. At one point, she candidly told an reporter that dealing with the press was really “challenging” and that she felt extremely “vulnerable.” A new report revealed even more heartbreaking details about Meghan’s life as a royal. According to the sources, the attention got so bad that Meghan actually feared going outside because she didn’t want to do anything to attract even more negative press. They said she “felt trapped and claustrophobic” and suffered from panic attacks because of all the stress.