ISLAMABAD                  -              Speaker National Assem­bly Asad Qaiser has ap­proved constitution of a 25-member parliamen­tary committee on coro­navirus, which will peri­odically review, monitor and oversee issues relat­ed to coronovirus and its impact on the national economy.

Parliamentary lead­ers of all political parties from National Assembly and Senate have given nod to this parliamenta­ry body.

Asad Qaiser has tak­en an initiative to form a parliamentary commit­tee on Coronavirus as the working of National As­sembly, Senate have been stopped to avoid spread of dangerous virus.

The committee, head­ed by the NA speaker, would have 12 parlia­mentary leaders from National Assembly and 13 from Senate.

According to the no­tification, the commit­tee will comprise Makh­doom Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Khalid Maq­bool Siddique, Chaud­hary Tariq Bashir Chee­ma, MNAs Khwaja Muhammad Asif, Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, Asad Mehmood, Khalid Hus­sain Magsi, Nawabza­da Shah Zain Bugh­ti, Amir Haider Azam Khan Hoti, Akthar Men­gal and Ghaus Bux Khan Mehar from the Nation­al Assembly.