PPP's backtracking on every issue, betrayal of national pledges, worsening the national economy of the poor, pensioners, widows and orphans has made it more unpopular than Musharraf in the shortest time-line. This is all due to politics of expediency. This is not a victory of Mr Zardari's 'reconciliation theory' but that of the unconstitutional acts of a military dictator in all of his eight years. Because of his own vested interests, and that of a few others in his party, Zardari has betrayed his sincerest friend, PML (N) who had helped stabilised his government. He has gone the way of Musharraf and his few PML (Q)-MQM loyalists. The fraud of postponement of by-elections, Zardari leaving for Dubai on deadline of judges' issue, inducting of Hafeez Peerzada to make a disputed draft, the negotiations in London to sabotage Murree Accord, keeping the pro-Musharraf AG at hem and various other conspiracies have exposed the PPP. The conscientious amongst them must resign and join the PML (N), lawyers and AP DM in a national movement against the pro-Bush Musharraf regime. The nation should rise to throw out these liars and enemies of the poor. -SONI MAHIWALY, Gujrat, via e-mail, May 12.