On 9th of May, I flew from Islamabad to JFK, New York via PK715 on seat 01D on Boeing 777. To my amazement and shock, the two daughters of the operating captain kept coming and going into cockpit during the Manchester-New York sector of flight. Not only that, an ex-pilot of PIA traveling as a passenger, also kept doing the same. When I complained about such these irregularities, the staff told me that the captain had 30 years of flying experience and he had allowed his daughters to sit in the cockpit at the co-pilot seat while he took a nap in the cabin. No foreigner was traveling in the business class at that time or else the whole staff would have been rounded up if a complaint had been filed at JFK airport. It is up to the PIA management to decide on the matter but I would say such reckless pilots and unprofessional flight crew actually play with the lives of passengers. If needed, I can provide names of the pilots and the flight crew. -ASAD ALI QURESHI, Lahore, via e-mail, May 10.