Justice Sardar Muhammad Iqbal is not a name that needs any introduction. He was very well known in all circles of Pakistani life. He was gifted with a personality very few have in the world. His tenure both as Chief Justice and Ombudsman speaks of his professionalism. Sardar Sahib was respected by all: his friends, his acquaintances, and also by his rivals (though none matched him in any way). He had been my father's friend for fifty years until my father passed away in 2002. I remember going to his house very often, and every visit was a learning experience for me, from my childhood right to adulthood. Even when I was a child, he would greet me exactly like he would greet my father and mother, boosting my ego and self-esteem to an extent that cannot be explained in words. He had the ability to make every person feel special, and genuinely loved everyone around him, whatever his or her status or age. His politeness and caring nature made him a very special person in every respect. At my wedding, my father wanted him to be a witness of my Nikah. He had recently taken charge as Federal Ombudsman in Islamabad but, just to keep his promise, he came all the way from Islamabad just to sign the paper. His concern about his friends and the families he knew was unmatched by anyone I have known in life. May Allah bless his soul and keep him in eternal peace in heaven. -M. ALI RIAZ, via e-mail, May 12.