ISLAMABAD - Visiting devotees of Bari Imam are compelled to eat unhygienic food as the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Administration have turned a blind eye to the substandard food stuff being sold in the vicinity.   This unhygienic and spurious food is a threat to people's health visiting Bari Imam as there is no check on the quality of food served at the Bari Imam Festival. Thousands of devotees including women and children visit Bari Imam during the five-day festival each year to pay homage to great Sufi Saint and distribute eatable alms to the people as a part of their religious activity. Thousands of 'daigs' are served each day at Bari Imam but unfortunately the cookers and daig vendors are not concerned with the health of the people. The Pulaos and Zardas are cooked in substandard ghee and rice being used is also of low quality. Price of a five-kilogram (Kg) deg of rice ranges from Rs 400 to 450.   "I have come here from Lahore to attended the annual  urs of Bari Imam Sarkar and I am depressed with the quality of "langar" served there, its disgusting as no one is there to check" middle aged Nasir said. Nazia Bashir accompanying her Husband and seven years child and a dweller of Bhawalpur said though the food was substandard but she was not concerned with it as she had complete faith on Bari Imam Sarkar. "You are talking about substandard food, I believe that even a snake cannot harm me at shrine" she continued.   When Hayat, a daig wala, was consulted in this regard he said that it was a peak season for his business and he wanted to earn more and more. "I have no time to pay attention to the hygiene." When asked why he was using low quality ghee and rice, he said that high quality rice cost him 120 per kg. "If I cook that high quality rice, a five kg daig would cost me Rs 1000, who would buy it", he continued. Different daig walas said that there was a little chance of arrival of food inspection team during the Mela and they knew well how to tackle them. Moreover quality of water being served at Urs is also questionable. Dr Shazli Manzoor termed the food at festival extremely unsafe and said that abdominal diseases, diarrhea, vomiting, food poisoning, are direct threats of food served at Bari Imam. He said that jaundice and Hepatitis were a waterborne disease caused due to contaminated water and unhygienic food. Devotees visiting Bri Imam with religious zeal and fervour and it is the duty of ICT to ensure smooth running of affairs during the festival.