LAHORE - At least 34 trade and labour union activists and leaders have been arrested during last one week all over the province including the City. Besides, police have registered cases against 1,300 workers due to their involvement in unionism. The Labour Party Pakistan (LPP) and National Trade Union Federation Pakistan (NTUFP) have said the police have conducted late night raids at the homes of union leaders and arrested over 34 labour union workers, who are active in organising the unions in their respective industries. They pointed out that there seemed to be no difference between the Musharaf dictatorship and present democratic Punjab government when it comes to the workers rights. It is shameful on the part of the Shahbaz Sharif government that workers are being arrested on the behest of owners of factories just because they are organising themselves, they maintained. They said that 30 activists of Labour Qaumi Movement (LQM), a Faisalabad-based labour organisation of textile workers, have been arrested on fake charges of murder attempt, dacoity and kidnapping for ransom. They further told the two main leaders of LQM, Rana Tahir and Raja Arshad have also been arrested adding their real crime was to establish a union at Kamal Textile Mills, Faisalabad. Labour Party Pakistan spokesperson Farooq Tariq during a Press conference at Lahore Press Club said that four trade union leaders were arrested in Lahore including Niaz Khan, general secretary of Ittehad Labour Union Carpet Industries Pakistan and leader of National Trade Union Federation. He said Niaz Khan had been warned by the CIA for his involvement in workers protest at Interwood factory. The others who were arrested include Khurram Shahzad, Abdul Qadir and Amanat Ali, he added. Amanat Ali, father of another union activist Khurram Shahzad, was shamelessly arrested when police could not find Khurram, Farooq informed adding police have been raiding homes of Interwood workers union since the last night. Even Police misbehaved with females when they raided the houses of union leaders Ghulam Abbas and Muhammad Akram, he added. Farooq said the LPP would continue to support these resistant movements until they are able to rid Pakistan of capitalism, imperialism and exploitation. On the occasion, the National Trade Union Federation and Labour Party Pakistan announced nationwide protests on Wednesday against the Police highhandedness and to express solidarity with the workers of Interwood and carpet industry. On the occasion, NTUFP Chairman Yusuf Baloch observed that people were now gradually realising that capitalism offers them nothing except hunger, poverty, humiliation, oppression and war. The last two months have seen a rise in resistance with a mass movement of the peasantry and an upsurge in union activities throughout the country, he added. Khalid Mahmood, Director of Labour Education Foundation, said agencies are threatening the National Trade Union Federations leaders against supporting the union. He said on May 23 few of the Interwood Furniture Company workers who are sacked from job due to unionisation had gathered there at some distance. Suddenly a heavy contingent of police arrived and started baton charging the workers and later arrested four of them. Till this evening no charges were levelled on the arrested workers and they were kept illegally. Police were openly supporting owner of the company and harassing the union leaders, he added. He said owner of the said company closed the factory on May 15 against the unionism. Due to closure of the factory more than 800 workers have lost their jobs, he added. According to the law, no factory owner can close the factory without consultation with the union, he pointed out.