It is a cause of great disappointment to know that merit is being compromised in the appointment of MD PEPCO. It is worth mentioning that the new appointee, Mr. Tahir Basharat Cheema, is junior to some 150 to 200 officers working in PEPCO/WAPDA in different positions. It is worth mentioning that his appointment has been made by the concerned authorities with out following any rules and regulations. Mr Tahir Basharat Cheema is an officer of Chief Engineer rank who has been promoted to the rank equivalent of Director General with out even having served as General Manager during the respective promotion boards. He is not competent to hold such an office as he is too young, and lacks the experience of working in field/operations. He has never served in Power operations in PEPCO/WAPDA. Mr. Cheema was the right hand man of Major General Sarfraz Iqbal (Deputy Chairman WAPDA during the Musharraf regime) who was actually dismissed for being involved in the wrongdoing on behalf of his boss. Incidentally Major General Sarfraz was transferred from WAPDA back to GHQ to be posted in QMG Branch after allegations of wrong doings were proved against him. He was later posted as DG NAB Azad Kashmir. Mr. Tahir Basharat Cheema was reinstated in 2004, 2005. Mr. Tahir Cheema was so much under a cloud that he was not even allowed to attend IEEE (an organization of Electrical Engineers) meetings. On 29th April the Prime Minster appointed him as MD PEPCO. -A TAXPAYER, via e-mail, May 16.