LAHORE - An Argentinean cyclist Pablo Garcia is traveling around the globe with a mission to not only see cultures of the world but also bring it at peace. Though he alone cant bring the warring world at peace but by paddling around the globe he feels he carries a token message of peace preparing a documentary of his travelogue. Thus far Pablo has paddled nearly half the world on the cycle back since he started his journey in 1999 from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and would take another four years to complete his adventure back to the home country. After reaching Pakistan, which is the 61st country he travelled covering 73,133 kilometres, Pablo was surprised to find the country carrying so much peace and love contrary to the foreign media pictures of terror. "I cant believe how happy I was to reach here. I came on bicycle from Islamabad and remained on the roads till 2 am. Had I been in North America I would have been robbed but here in Pakistan I received warm reception and love from the people where ever I went," said Pablo while talking to The Nation. "Everyone asked me not to go to Pakistan but I in fact wanted to know the ground reality myself and the truth is that it was opposite to the reports we receive from media. "I think it is too harsh," said Pablo, who is guest of Senator Ishak Khan Khakwani in the city. Pablo is not only traveling with a purpose but also running a website where he has given all the details and info of his journey he went through in words and in pictures. When asked if he had been traveling continuously, he said that he has been taking his journey in patches studying the cultures making stopovers in different countries and also luring sponsors for the next phase of the trip. After another day's stay, Pablo will be traveling to India via Wagha and would try to reach Katmandu, Nepal, as early as possible to beat the summer heat and spend some days over there before leaving for Australia and then set towards North America and afterwards home. 'Traveling is a worth-living experience. It was my dream since childhood. I chose cycling because it's a way of reaching every place's heart for peace and to know the culture of its people. This is my story and I wish to share with you," said Pablo Garcia.