LAHORE - The Lahore High Court has sought comments from respondents including federal and Punjab health departments and Jamia Ashrafia on a petition challenging the use of unhealthy salts in making of chips being sold in the market. Petitioner has questioned the fatwa given by Jamia Ashrafia in the favour of chips manufacturing company. The petitioner said that the salts namely E621, E627 and E635 used by the chips company create many diseases especially among children. These salts are also dangerous for breast feeding and pregnant women, petitioner Qari Sanaullah said. Petitioners counsel Rana Asadullah Khan pleaded that under which capacity Jamia Ashrafia gave fatwa in this regard as it was not a laboratory. The counsel also questioned the authorities concerned allowing the use of such unhealthy salts. The court sought replies from respondents till June 17. The petition will be heard along with an already pending petition against the same chips manufacturing company for using a flavour enhancing colour extracted from pig fat. The counsel submitted that ingredients of the chips included colour names as E-631, which is extracted from the pig fat. He said on the basis of a research conducted by an American based scientist Dr Amjad Khan proved that the colour was prepared from pig fat. He said such product is prohibited by the Islamic injunctions and also by the Constitution and its sale should immediately be stopped. Counsel Rana Asadullah also submitted that the manufacturer of this colour had claimed to have a no-objection certificate from a Muslim organization of Thailand. He said such a green signal from a non-Muslim state is of no value. He requested to impose ban on the product prepared by the of E-631. Postings/transfers orders issued The Lahore High Court Chief Justice on Tuesday issued postings/transfers orders of seven civil judges-cum-judicial magistrates of Punjab. According to a notification Jahangir Ali Gondal was transferred and posted from Fatehjang to Gujjar Khan, Faisal Rashid from Gujjar Khan to Fatehjang, Muhammad Akram from Lahore to Murree, Amir Saleem Rana from Murree to Sargodha, Muhammad Qamar-uz-Zaman from Chowbara to Gujrat, Ahmad Arshad Mehmood Jasra from Islamabad to Chowbara while Muhammad Amir Munir posted as Additional Director, Federal Judicial Academy Islamabad has been repatriated.