Asma Bano Foreign policy has conceptual grounds with ideological basis. Foreign policy is sketched on interest-based motives. Pressure politics, partisan groups, oppositional elite and various external and intangible factors play a dominant role in its formulation and gradual advancement. Foreign policy of Pakistan is one among those who has seen various swinging phases in its formulation and implementations. In the very beginning Pakistan was facing severe security dilemmas and was in dire need of some savior umbrella for its very existence. India was the main threat for Pakistan and it was left with two options of either opting for the communist USSR or the capitalist USA. In reference to the ideological base of Pakistan, communist option was not much persuasive and Pakistan had the Hobson's choice of allaying itself with USA in order to have some military and financial support. On the other hand USA was also looking for a friend in South Asia region and wanted India to be in that position. But on account of non allayed attitude of India, USA turned toward Pakistan to counter communist expansion on one hand and to create a strong foot hold in South Asia on the other. So it was the beginning of USA factor or influence in Pakistan's politics and it paved the way of today's foreign policy of Pakistan completely colored in USA desire and need, more elaborately a clear tilt towards war on terrorism after the event of 9\\11, Pakistan became the direct victim of USA wrath. So its foreign policy took a 180 degree shift over night regarding talibanization. Previously Pakistan was one among those only three states who recognized Taliban regime in Afghanistan. Pakistan was also vehemently involved imparting military training to those Taliban in order to fulfill its long held desire of having a friendly government in Afghanistan. However after 9\\11 Pakistan interests were badly at stake. USA questioned in guise of command either with USA or with them? And Pakistan was left with no option at all. A seven demand formula by Richard Armiteage was given to Pakistan and it accepted all. However latter in an interview to BBC 'Colin Powell stated that "we were expecting that Pakistan will accept may be three of them but its astonishing that it accepted". Now it was the time for Pakistan to fight a proxy war started by USA. After even doing a lot Pakistan had to listen the command of "do more" or "You are not doing enough". Now the foreign policy of Pakistan is totally hijacked by USA interests. Internal turmoil and unrest is prevailing with every passing day but Pakistan is bound to oblige the USA command because beggars can never be the choosers. On the other hand, various obscurantist are creating hurdles in way of an independent formulation of its foreign policy. Pakistan's foreign policy is dependant because of its poor leadership.