LAHORE - The Punjab government has decided to introduce eligibility criteria for the opening of a sub-campus of private sector chartered universities/institutions in Punjab according to which the higher education department will be empowered to issue an NOC for the purpose. A summary carrying a set of proposals in this regard has been sent to the chief minister Punjab for approval, sources in the Chief Minister House said on Tuesday. They said no sub-campus would be allowed to admit/enroll students unless and until an NOC is issued by the higher education department. The proposals further state that an applicant university or institute will submit its request for the opening of a sub-campus only in one city of Punjab. A fresh request will be required for every new campus. The sustainability of the sub-campus will be subject to the existence of mother university/institute and its placement in W category. The sub-campus will not be authorised to award degrees. It can only issue transcripts. The degree will be awarded by the parent university mentioning the name of sub-campus. Establishment of the sub-campus in other provinces is a multi-step process that will involve fulfilling the legal formalities besides making available the required academic, financial, human and physical resources. An accreditation committee will report its findings to the higher education department. If the report is satisfactory the government will issue NOC for the opening of a sub-campus. The applicant university should have a specific provision in its charter to open campuses in other provinces that needs to be registered with the directorate of public instruction (Colleges) Punjab as an educational Institution. The proposal also includes that the site selected for the sub-campus must be suitable from academic point of view. Sustainable physical viability, availability of water, electricity, gas, telephones, building materials, furniture and labour for construction must be ensured. The sponsor shall have to make available at least 3.33 acres of land, depending on the location having potential for further development. The higher education department shall have full powers to take an action, including closure of the sub-campus if it is found indulging in any subversive or unlawful activity. The sub-campus shall be liable to provide facilities to the representatives of the HEC, higher education department, Pakistan engineering council, Pakistan medical and dental council or such similar relevant organisations for visitation to enable them to verify that the sub-campus is maintaining appropriate academic standards.