The ongoing drone attacks in the tribal areas are very disturbing. Even more upsetting is the fact that Pakistan's sovereignty continues to be violated despite our army fighting a full-scale war with the militants in Swat and Buner. I have great respect for the American nation but I am deeply disheartened by their highly callous attitude towards Pakistan. Previously these attacks were launched under the dubious pretext that the Pakistani army was unwilling to effectively combat terrorists. Now, however, when our army is using full force to flush out the miscreants in Swat, I fail to comprehend why the American drones are continuing the bombardment of our territories. The counter-productivity of such offenses is being underscored even in the western media which is openly saying that drones create greater sympathy for the Taliban and their so-called 'cause', only making the USA more unpopular in Pakistan. Indeed, it is rather funny that most Americans still don't understand "Why do they hate us?" -ZEESHAAN HASHMI, Lahore, via e-mail, May 17.