ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has exempted Malakand Division from agriculture tax declaring the territory as crisis-stricken area. The Prime Minister announced this while addressing the Kisan Convention here on Tuesday. He said that the government would take care of the crops left by the internally displaced farmers of Malakand Division in their fields, as they had to flee from the militancy-hit area in exigency. The government would make all arrangements to sell the produce in the market for minimising the losses of these Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). They (IDPs) have sacrificed their today for our better tomorrow. Their sacrifice should be valued, the Prime Minister added. Speaking on agricultural development, the Prime Minister referred to the development of other countries and said that they had developed their agriculture sector due to investment in research. He said that he had ordered the Agriculture Ministry to allocate budget for the purpose. Talking of the agricultural issues in the country, he said that the water was a very big issue at present and it seemed that in future the world would fight for water. He said that the government was fully aware of the situation and was taking all possible steps to resolve it. He also said that sprinkle technology could also be used for irrigation to save water. He said that the government was working on the construction of dams to solve the issue forever. The Prime Minister also distributed shields among farmers for their good performance and introduction of new agriculture techniques. In his speech, he also mentioned certain steps taken by the government for the betterment of agriculture sector. He also that next time the selected farmers would be given tractors as prizes on their performance. Later, answering a question about the resistance of some political parties in Sindh against the settlement of the IDPs in the province, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani reiterated that there was no restriction on the movement of the IDPs and they could settle anywhere in the country. The displaced persons are Pakistanis and they can go to any part of the country, the Prime Minister said. The Prime Minister further said that nobody had the right to impose restriction of any kind on the movement of the IDPs and they were free to move anywhere in the country. But he said that the registration process had been started just to facilitate them, as it would help proper management of their financial support and rehabilitation. When asked about time for ending the ongoing military action, Gilani did not give any timeframe for the conclusion of the operation but said that the governments intention was to solve the problem as soon as possible. Speaking on relation with India, Prime Minister Gilani said that he had congratulated Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on assuming his office for the second consecutive term. He also hoped that the new Indian government would work for bringing improvement in ties with Pakistan.