Karachi (PPI) - The re-imposing of ban on pillion riding in Karachi has added to the miseries of Karachiites. The ban was imposed suddenly and many citizens were not aware about it. A lot of these unaware citizens were arrested by police for violation of ban. It is said to get bail each citizen would have to pay Rs15000 to 20,000 for legal formalities, or buy his freedom by paying heavy bribe to police at the initial stage. The Section 144 is the continuation of a British Act of 1897, said President, Sindh High Court Bar Association Rasheed A Rizvi talking to PPI. He said the ban on pillion riding is the violation of the articles of 14-15 of the constitution of Pakistan, which guarantee the right of free movement to citizens. He said according the article 14-15 of the constitution no citizen could be deprived of the rights of free movement. It was a such bans had been imposed by British rulers, who used to assign Commissioners and Deputy Commissioner to met out such atrocities to the people of the colonized subcontinent. Sources of the police department said the decision of banning pillion ride was taken on the police request, when on May 23, miscreants torched many vehicles in Karachi and created law and order situation. The sources claimed that the experience has shown that crime ratio falls on banning pillion riding. The West Zone Deputy Inspector General Sardar Abdul Majeed Dasti told PPI that after May 23 riots, the police was ordered to strictly control crime in their jurisdiction. They were ordered to take on miscreants and extortionist with iron hands, the DIG said. He was unable to provide the exact figure of the people arrested for the violating the Section 144. He said police have arrested several persons who violated section 144, on ban on pillion riding because we have to maintain law and order situation at any cost. On the other hand, people belonging to different walks of life demanded of the government to lift ban on pillion riding, saying such decision has caused a lot of sufferings for them. The citizens believed that imposition of ban, once again, on pillion riding has exposed the government failure in improving law and order situation. They said such ban is a violating of fundamentals rights of citizens. They maintained that such decision taken by the government has left the citizens on the mercy of 'transport Mafia. Karachi Transport Ittihad chief Syed Irshad Ahmed Bukhari, when contacted, said that government the transporters have not demanded of the government to impose the section 144. He said although after the ban transporters have got advantage, but we havent imposed the ban. It is up to the government to lift ban or impose it on pillion riding, he said. Why people are blaming us, he asked adding we are also working hard for winning bread for our children.